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Sanford/Sandford Family History

Welcome to the Sanford/Sandford Family history blog. This is the history of my family down to my grandparents. The majority of this information comes from Carlton E. Sanford's Thomas Sanford, The Emigrant to New England:  Ancestry, Life, And Descendants, 1632-4:  Sketches of Four Other Pioneer Sanfords And Some Of Their Descendants In Appendix, published by the Tuttle Company Printers, Rutland Vermont, 1911.  You can download a copy of two of the four volume set here

Richard SANFORD (?-1591)
m. Elizabeth (?-1600),
Standstead Mountfitchet, Essex, England • Thomas m. 1. Friswith EVE and 2. Mary LEWES
• Robert
• Richard
• Henry
• Elizabeth

Thomas SANFORD (?-April 6, 1597)
m. Friswith EVE (?-1581),
Standstead Mountfitchet, Essex, England
• Ezechiell (1581-?) m. Rose WARNER
• Priscilla (1587-?) m. Thomas HOWE
• Zachery (1590-?)
• Sarah (1592-?)
• Damaris (1593-1615/16)

Ezechiell SANFORD (1581-?)
m. Rose WARNER at
Much Hadham, Hertfordshire, England 
• Thomas (1607/8-1682) m. Sarah
• John (1609/10-1679) m. Olin
• Ezekiel (1612-?)
• Robert (1615-?)
• Andrew (1617-?)
• Samuel (1619-1619)
• Mary (1622-?)
• Jonathon (1624-?)

Thomas emigrated from England to Boston, New England, most likely in 1632 (or as late as 1634) and then moved to
Milford, Connecticut shortly thereafter becoming one of the founding members of that community.

Thomas SANFORD (1607/08-1681)
m. Sarah 1636/7 in Dorchester, Massachusetts, New England (USA)
• Ezekiel (1637-1683) m. Rebecca WHELPLEY
• Sarah (1639-?) m. Richard SHUTE
• Mary (1643-?)
• Samuel (1643-1691) m. Hannah BRONSON
• Thomas Jr. (1644-?) m. 1. Elizabeth PAINE and 2. Elizabeth GIBBARD
• Ephraim (1646-1687) m. Mary POWELL
• Elizabeth (1648-?) m. Obadiah ALLYN

Ephraim SANFORD (1646-1687)
m. Mary POWELL on November 18, 1669, New Haven, Connecticut, New England (USA)
• Mary (1670-?) m. 1. Joseph ASHBURN, 2. Joshua HOTCHKISS, and 3. Eleazer HOLT
• Samuel (1672-1673)
• Samuel (1674-1749) m. 1. Hannah BALDWIN and 2. Esther PARMELEE
• Ephraim Jr. (1677-1728)
• Thomas (1679-1731)
• Nathaniel (1682-1771) m. 1. Deborah FARRAND and 2. Bethiah STUBBINS
• Zachariah (1683-1712)

Samuel SANFORD (1674-1749)
m. 1. Hannah BALDWIN, Milford, Connecticut, New England (USA)
• Hannah (1696-?) m. Joseph GUNN
• Samuel Jr. (1698-1781) m. 1. Abigail HOLBROOK, 2. Hannah TOMLINSON
• Joseph (1701-1754) m. Mary CLARK
• Mary (1702-?) m. Josiah NORTHRUP
• Jonathan (1704-?) m. 1. Phoebe PLATT and 2. Hannah PLATT
• Stephen (1706-1779) m. Esther PARMELEE

• David (1708-1708)
• David (1709-1751) m. Rachel Strong
• Esther (1711-?) m. Samuel Bristol
• Abigail (1714 -?) m. Aaron Parsons
• Elizabeth (1716-1764) m. Jonathan Alvord 
m. 2. Esther PARMELEE

Samuel SANFORD Jr. (1698-1781)
m. 1. Abigail HOLBROOK, Milford Connecticut, New England (USA)
• Nathan (1722-?) m. 1. Abigail TIBBALS, 2. Lois DUNNING
• Sarah (1724-?) m. John HINE
• Hannah (1728/9-?) John ASHBURN
• Isaac (1731-1801) m. Jerusha BAKER
• Gideon (1734/5-1806) m. Jan HUMPHREY

Nathan SANFORD (1722-?)
m. 1. Abigail TIBBALS, Milford, Connecticut, New England (USA)
• Nathan Jr. (1749-1821) m. Sarah SMITH
• Henry (1752-1830) m. Rhoda PERKINS
• Joel (1754-?)
• Comfort (1756-?) m. Joel COLLINS
• Jonathan (1757-1836) m. Jerusha SANFORD
• Archibald (1759-1844) m. Amy PECK
• Patience (?-?) m. Jehiel CLARK
m. 2. Lois DUNNING, Milford, Connecticut, New England (USA)

Archibald SANFORD (1759-1844)
m. Amy PECK, Milford, Connecticut, New England (USA)
• Julius Maximinus (1781-1853) m. Lucy HUBBARD
• Friend (1785-1853) m. Stella GRANNIS
• Eli (1789-1810)
• Anna (1793-?)
• Philemelia (1796-1829) m. Amasa PRESTON
• Freeman (1803-1872) m. Lydia WELTON

Archibald Sanford took part in the American Revolution as a member of Captain Curtis' Company, part of Colonel Hooker's Regiment stationed at Peekskills, New York.  He later became a Methodist Minister.  Though born in Milford, Connecticut he later moved to Prospect, Connecticut and died there in 1844.

Julius Maximinus SANFORD (1781-1853)
m. Lucy HUBBARD on October 25, 1802
• Chesterfield (1803-1836) and Mary AUSTIN
• Amanda (1805-1860) m. John GORTON on May 19, 1823 by Rev. William Jenkins of Richmond Hill in the Presbyterian Church.  Julius her father and Leonard Morgan were witnesses
• Polly (1811-1815)
• George (1817-1878)
According to Carlton E. Sanford about 1808-9 Julius moved into New York and settled near Benton. Julius built and operated both a paper and an oil mill there until after 1817 when he went to Carthage, now part of the City of Rochester, where he remained for two years. Julius and his son Chesterfield then went to the Town of York (Toronto) in 1820 and operated an inn on the north east corner of then Lot Street (Queen Street) and Dundas Street (Ossington Avenue). According to records at the Land Registry Office, Julius Sandford purchased part of Park Lot 24, subdivided by Plan D203 from James Givens on April 11, 1823 for £125 comprising "one acre more or less".  

Sandford's Mail Road and Sandford's Inn, 1834
City of Toronto:  The Capital of Upper Canada, 1834
redrawn 1919, courtesy of Toronto Reference Library

As described by Edwin C. Guillet in Pioneer Inns and Taverns, published in 1954, "To the west of the city, near the Lunatic Asylum where the roadway along Lot Street turned northward, was early located Sandford's Inn, a watering place on the east side of the bend. A conspicuous pump was available to fill the large trough a long section of a huge pine tree dug out like a canoe. A little to the eastward opposite the Garrison Common was a rival of Sandford's the Blue Bell Tavern." At the time this was the main road out of the Town of York to the west and was a strategic corner. In fact in some early directories the area is referred to as "Sandford's Corner", and a map from 1834 (above) refers to the road as "Sandford's Mail Road". Julius made additional purchases of land to add to his holdings.  On November 5, 1827 he purchased an additional acre of land from his son-in-law John Gorton for £189.  John Gorton had purchased this land on October 29, 1827 from James Givens for £56 and so in a few days made a profit of  £133!    Julius operated the tavern for a number of years later selling it for a substantial profit. Julius sold a 1/2 acre of the land to Clarke Gamble, for £600 on February 4, 1834.  This was the south west corner of his holdings and so included the inn. He would hold onto another acre of land until October 25, 1841 when he sold it to Cornelius Williams for £303.15.  His son Chesterfield died in 1836 and was buried in the Potter's Field Cemetery (which has since disappeared). According to Carlton E. Sanford, Julius was a friend of William Lyon Mackenzie and so after the Rebellion of 1837 decided it would be best to leave Toronto. He moved to Rochester, New York to live with his daughter Amanda until his death in 1853. Interestingly, after fleeing Canada in 1837 Mackenzie also moved to Rochester in January 1839. Did the old friends meet up again? Mackenzie would remain in Rochester (including a stint in jail) until June of 1842 when he moved to New York City.

Chesterfield SANFORD (1803-1836)
and Mary AUSTIN, York (Toronto), Ontario, Canada
• Edward (1830-1914), m. 1. Catherine BROWN and 2. Bridget MCCARTHY
• Martin (1832-1909) m. Sarah Jane JOHNSON

The relationship between Chesterfield and Mary is a real mystery (as is Mary AUSTIN herself). I have not yet found a marriage between them though I have found marriages between them and other people. Mary married Anthony BILEMORE (BELLAMORE) on April 14, 1832. The marriage was performed by Rev. John Culham (a travelling Methodist Minister - even though Anthony was Catholic and all their children were baptized in the Catholic Church) in Etobicoke Township, York County. Witnesses were Susannah LaRUSH and Sarah NELL (see Bellamore Family posting).  Chesterfield was married to Eliza MARKWELL at Christ Church, Mimico (Church of England) on August 3, 1834. In fact, according to Carlton E. Sanford they had a daughter (Sarah Ann b. August 24, 1835) before Chesterfield died in 1836. 

Edward SANDFORD (1830 - Feb 17, 1914)
married 1. Catherine BROWN (b 1839) at St. Mary’s Roman Catholic Church, Toronto on February 3, 1857,  Catherine died and was buried at 
St. Michael's Cemetery , Toronto on August 20, 1875; married 2. Bridget MCCARTHY ( d. February 10, 1910) at St. Paul’s Roman Catholic Church, Toronto on June 20, 1878.

• Mary Anne (1857-?) – entered convent - Sister Mary Presentation
• Edward Jr. (1859-1947) m. Mary COADY
• William (1861-1944) m. Catherine O'CONNOR on April 24, 1889. In the 1911 census William and his family were farming on Lot 10, Concession 2, EtobicokeTownship. They had the following children - Edward (1892-1974) m. Mary Agnes MCMAHON; Helena (1895-?); John (1897-1971) m. Josephine MOORE on Dec 27, 1928; Mary (1899-?); Anna (1900-?); Roselene (1903-1987) m Wilfred Joseph MCLAUGHLIN on June 29, 1931
• Sarah Jane (1862-1955) m. Matt MCDONOUGH
• Elizabeth (1863-?) – entered convent May 6, 1886 - Sister Mary Nativity
• Ellen (1865 - August 10, 1876) - buried St. Michael's Cemetery
• Joseph Anthony (1869-?) - went to Chicago, Illinois, USA
• Melinda Catherine (1871-?) - went to Buffalo, New York, USA - never married.  There is a Melinda Sanford born in Canada living in the household of Francis Hoff in Buffalo in the 1910 US Census.  Her emigration year is listed as 1906.
• Alfred James (1874-?) - went to Buffalo, New York, USA - never married

In 1861 and 1871 the family was living on a farm in Etobicoke but in 1875 were living at 47 Strachan Avenue, Toronto.  This is where Catherine Sandford, Edward's wife, died on August 20, 1875.  According to her death registration she died of typhoid fever.  She is buried in St. Michael's Cemetery.  They do not appear in the 1875 Toronto City directory and so must have moved to Strachan Avenue early in 1875.  In the 1876 Toronto City directory they are living at 154 Strachan Avenue on the west side just north of Richmond Street.  I am not sure if this was the existing house #47 but renumbered or if they had moved to a new house further up the street or if the address in Catherine Sandford's obituary is a mistake?  There does not appear to be a 47 Strachan Avenue so I think it might have been a mistake.  They would remain at 154 Strachan Avenue until at least 1879.  Edward's occupation is listed as a teamster.  According to the 1884 Goad's Fire Insurance Plan for Toronto it was the northerly home of a 3 home rowhouse.  The next set of houses to the north were set back slightly further from the street.  It had a brick facade but was made of wood.  Looking at the existing houses on the street, and comparing it to the 1884 map,  it could be this house today.  This would have just been a short distance south of Queen Street West.  At the top of the street at the time was Trinity College (present day Trinity Bellwoods Park).  They were back in Etobicoke for the 1881, 1891 and 1901 censuses.  According to her death registration Bridget McCarthy, second wife of Edward Sandford Sr. died on February 10, 1910 of colon cancer.  According to his death registration Edward Sandford Sr. died on February 17, 1914, aged 84 years, of asthma and arteriosclerosis with the immediate cause being heart failure.  He is buried in St. Michael's Cemetery.

Edward SANDFORD Jr. (1859-1947)
m. Mary COADY (June 13, 1929) at St. Paul’s Roman Catholic Church, Toronto on June 8, 1887
• Mary Elizabeth (1888-1913)  According to her death registration she died of tuberculosis.
• Helen Teresa (1889-1975) m. James Francis (Frank) HARRISON
• Norman (1891-?) m. Mary Ellen ARKINS
• John Frederick (1896-1972) m. Kathleen BLAKE, September 8, 1925, St. Theresa's Roman Catholic Church, New Toronto
• Evelyn (1896-1978) - never married
• Madeline Gertrude (1900-1963) - never married

According to her death registration Mary Coady died on June 13, 1929 of diabetes and pneumonia.  She is buried in Mount Hope Cemetery. 

Helen Teresa SANDFORD (1889-1975)
m. James Francis (Frank) HARRISON on June 15, 1926, St. Patrick’s Roman Catholic Church, Dixie, Toronto Township, Peel County.  They had two children:

  • Francis Edward (Ed) Harrison (July 27, 1927 - February 10, 2012)  Ed attended St. Michael's College School in Toronto, playing hockey and football before beginning his professional hockey career with the Boston Bruins in 1947.  He later played for other teams in both the NHL and other leagues before retiring from professional hockey in 1962.  He then moved to Brantford, Ontario 
  • living
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Belhumeur/Bellamore/Belmore/ Bellemere Family

After her relationship with Chesterfield Sandford, Mary Austin married Anthony Bellamore.  Anthony became stepfather to Edward and Martin Sandford.  Anthony and Mary's children became their half brothers and sisters.

I have traced the beginnings of the Bellamore family to Quebec.   I think that Anthony Bellamore's father was Antoine Bellmere, and his grandfather was Joseph Belemere.  The Genealogy of Canada website traces this family back to a Jean Belhumeur (c.1700-1776) but I have to look into this further.

Joseph Belemere and Marie Louis Poulin were married at St. Michel-de-Vaudreuil in 1781.  Both parents could write as they signed the parish register under their marriage entry.

Their son Antoine was baptized at St. Michel-de-Vaudreuil on February 5, 1786.    There is a reference to an Antoine Bellmere born in St. Michel, Vaudreuil, Quebec who was a Private in the 7th Company, York Militia Regiment, in Richard Feltoe's, Redcoated Ploughboys:  extracts of the Incorporated Militia Muster Listings from 1813-1815.  I believe that this is Anthony's father.  There are papers in RG9, Series 1B4, Volume 18 - Land Claim Certificates of Upper Canada Militiamen who served in the War of 1812-1814, that confirm that Antoine was a member of Captain Thomas Fraser's Company of the Incorporated Militia of Upper Canada.  The papers are dated March 24, 1815 at York and confirm that he was a member of the company for a period of two years.  They state that we has 29 years old and stood 5 feet 8 inches in height.  It confirms that he was born in Lower Canada. 

It looks like after the War of 1812 Antoine journeyed with this wife and son Antoine back to Quebec to get married in his wife's home parish.  Antoine was married on August 14, 1815 to Theotiste Dubois, daughter of the deceased Joseph Dubois and Elizabeth Sabourin at Ste-Madeleine-de-Rigaud.  The parish record of the marriage is very interesting as it makes a number of references to them as residents of Upper Canada, and indicates that Belhumeur was his dit name, his actual last name is Mosse - but appears to be transcribed as Blasse. It also mentions that they had their infant son Antoine with them and that he was baptized at Saint "Andre's" in Upper Canada.  The record indicates that Ste-Madeleine-de-Regaud was Theotiste's home parish. 

There are burial records in the Potter's Field for an Anthony Belamour b. CW buried Aug 25, 1843, Excess, aged 70 years and Christiana Belamour, wife of Anthony b. CW buried two days later on Aug 27, 1843, aged 65 years, Grief.  I think these were Anthony's parents though the record of him being born in Canada West (Ontario) is not correct.  Nor is his mother's name the same as used in her marriage record in Quebec in 1815.

Mary AUSTIN (c. 1810 in Quebec - August 31, 1897) 
m. Anthony BELLAMORE (c 1815 in Montreal - d. ?) York (Toronto), Ontario, Canada on April 14, 1832 in Etobicoke Township, York County by Rev. John Culham. It appears that their marriage was sanctioned by the Catholic Church sometime between 1835 and 1838 as the entries in the St. Paul's Roman Catholic Baptismal Register change from describing the marriage as "ilicit" (sic) to "legitimate".

In the 1837 directory for Toronto and the Home District Anthony Ballemore is listed as living on Lot 10, Concession B, Etobicoke Township.  In the 1846 Brown's Directory Anthony Bellamore is listed as a labourer living on Queen Street, near the 1st toll gate in the City of Toronto.  In the 1861, 1871 and 1881 census records they are living in Etobicoke Township, York County.   In 1861 they are living in a frame house.  The agricultural census for the year indicates that they were living on Lot 4, Concession 1, consisting of 100 acres, of which 46 acres was under cultivation, 9 was under pasture and 45 acres was still wooded.  The value of the farm was estimated at $7000 with an additional $100 for farm implements etc..  Production for the previous year was 50 bushels of spring wheat from 5 acres of land; 80 bushels of barley from 5 acres of land; 40 bushels of peas from 2 acres of land; 120 bushels of oats from 4 acres of land; 50 bushels of potatoes from 2 acres of land; 30 bushels of mangelwurzel (feedstock); 60 bushels of carrots; and 10 (tons of 2000 lbs or bundles of 16 lbs) of hay.  By 1878 they had moved from Lot 4, Concession 1 to the land detailed on the map below.

In the Mimico Story there is a reference to "Anthony Ballamore's" house as being the only residence on what is today Burlington Road.  It does not however appear on the 1878 map.

By the 1891 census they are living in Trafalgar Township, Halton County.  It indicates that Mary Austin was blind.

Mary Austin died on August 31, 1897, aged 82 years, in Humber Bay so she must have been living with her children there.  Her obituary in the Globe on September 2, 1897 indicates that she was to be buried in Oakville (however I can't find her there - perhaps this is a mistake and she is buried in Toronto?) and that she was the widow of the late Anthony. Therefore Anthony died sometime between 1891 when he last appears in the census and 1897 though I have not been able to find his death registration or place of burial. There is a large trunk at my father's house with the initials "AB" on it. Most likely belonging to Anthony Bellamore Sr.

They had the following children:

• Elizabeth (1838 - April 26, 1919) - living with her brother Frederick in Humber Bay as indicated in the 1901 and 1911 census.  Elizabeth died on April 26, 1919 at 131 Lisgar, Toronto.  Her name is spelt "Bellemere" on the death registration.  She is buried at Mount Hope Cemetery.

• Michael (1841 - February 28, 1883) - in 1873 Michael and his brother Anthony are boarding at 53 Duke Street in Toronto and working as teamsters. He died in the General Hospital of pneumonia and delerium tremens. He is buried at St. Michael's Cemetery.

• Anthony Jr. (1842 - July 7, 1922 - St. Michael's Cemetery) m. 1. Anne LYNCH (1852 - December 5, 1901 - St. Michael's Cemetery) on January 7, 1873. The witnesses were Michael Bellemore, his brother, and Maria Lynch; m. 2. Margaret Foley (1875-?) on November 16, 1903
Anthony spelled his last name "Belmore" while all his other siblings wrote it as "Bellemere".  In 1873 Anthony and his brother Michael were boarding at 53 Duke Street in Toronto and working as teamsters.  In 1875 he is living at 421 1/2 King Street East.  In 1877 he is listed as a grocer living at 155 Pine Street.  In 1879 he is listed at 178 Sackville Street.  In the 1881 census Anthony, age 42 is listed with his wife Anna, age 25 and children Joseph, age 7; Margaret, age 6; May (Mary) age 3; and, Katie (Catherine) aged 5 months.   In the 1891 census he is mistakenly identified as "Alfred". His occupation is listed as liquor dealer. The following children are living with him - Anthony Joseph (b.c. 1873 - 1898); Margaret (b.c. 1875); unnamed child (1876-1876); Mary (b.c. 1878 - 1901); Catherine (b. c. 1880); and, Annie (b.c. 1884). They also have a domestic servant Sarah Rice living with them. Their son Anthony Joseph died on December 20, 1898 at the age of 25.  Their daughter Annie died on September 2, 1900 of consumption.  In the 1901 census Anthony is listed as living at 202 Sackville Street along with his wife Anne and three daughters - Maggie, Mary and Katie. His occupation is listed as a liquor merchant at the same location. His salary in 1901 was $1000. However he seems to have amassed quite an impressive collection of real estate. The census records indicate that he owned a total of 4 lots with 8 houses and one store on them. This included 200 and 202 Sackville as well as 53, 55 and 57 Blair Avenue (based on information in the 1890 Toronto Assessment Roll). In addition he also leased an additional 5 lots. Mary Belmore died on August 25, 1901 of consumption.   Anne Lynch died in December 1901.  On November 16, 1903 Anthony married Margaret Foley, daughter of Daniel Foley and Mary Donoline in Toronto.  On the marriage registration he is listed as a Liquor Merchant, 57 years of age and she is listed as being 30 years of age.  Their daughter Grace was born on November 15, 1904.  In about 1907 they moved to 692 Gerrard Street East (It is the semi-detached house painted white next to the beauty salon).  In the 1911 census Anthony and Margaret Foley, with their daughter Grace are living on Gerrard Street East.  According to the census Margaret was born in 1875 and emigrated to Canada in 1902.  Anthony is listed as retired so he must have sold his business.  This was fortunate as the imposition of prohibition through the Ontario Temperance Act in 1916 would have forced its closure.   His daughter Margaret married Ernest Eatherly, son of Joseph Eatherly and Ann Soole on April 15, 1903.  In the 1911 census Ernest and Margaret Eatherly are living two doors down the street from Anthony at 688 Gerrard Street East.  Ernest indicated that he worked for a newspaper at $900 a year.  The 1912 Toronto City directory indicates that Ernest worked as a mailer at the Mail and Empire newspaper.  In 1931 Margaret Eatherly purchased a home on the north side of Simpson Avenue, Toronto at a cost of $3,350.  His daughter Catherine married Gerald Henderson, son of Robert Henderson and Catherine Bryce on November 28, 1903.  In the 1911 census they are living at 11 Chapel Street, Toronto.  Gerald was working as a shipper at a warehouse for $620 a year.  They had two sons:  Carlton born on November 17, 1904 and Anthony Frank born on December 31, 1908.   Chapel Street was a short street running north from St. Joseph's Street to St. Mary's Street.  In the 1912 Toronto City directory there were only 5 houses (all made of wood) on the east side of the street including #11.  On the west side of the street was St. Michael's College. 

There is a photo of Anthony in the The Story of St. Paul's Parish, Toronto. Commemorating the Centenary of the First Parish Church, in the Archdiocese of Toronto, compiled and edited by Edward Kelly and published in 1922.

Anthony died in his home at 692 Gerrard Street East on July 7, 1922 of arteriosclerosis.  Both Anthony and his first wife, Anne Lynch are buried at St. Michael's Cemetery, Toronto along with their daughters Annie (1884 - September 2, 1900) and Mary (1879 - Aug 25, 1901), their son Joseph (1873-December 20, 1898) and an unnamed child who only lived "a few minutes" in September 1876.  Margaret Foley, Anthony's widow was remarried to Matthias McDonald, a widower on February 18, 1924 in Toronto.  Matthias is listed as a hotel keeper living at 1302 Queen Street West.  This was the Parkdale Hotel built in 1888.   Margaret's daughter Grace married John Louis LaChapelle circa 1928?  He appears to have lived next door to her at 694 Gerrard Street East.  They had a stillborn child in 1929, and four children that survived thereafter.  

• Amelia (1844 - 1900) - this is a mysterious daughter who only appears with the family in the 1861 and 1891 census.  In the 1891 census it indicates that she was "unsound of mind".  She does not appear with the family in 1871 or 1881 census.  I am not sure where she was? She was admitted to the Toronto Asylum on Queen Street on June 3, 1895 and died there of heart failure on April 20, 1900.

• Cecilia (1845 - November 8, 1921) - She is listed in the 1901 census as dressmaker and living in boarding house with sister Ellen in Toronto - head of household is 70 year old Ann O'Flynn.  In the 1913 Toronto City directory she is renting rooms at 38 Tecumseth, Toronto with her sister Helen.  Cecilia died on November 8, 1921.  At the time she was living at 131 Lisgar, Toronto.  She was living at this address for 20 years prior to her death so she must have moved here about 1901.  Her name is spelt "Bellemere" on the death registration.  She is buried at Mount Hope Cemetery, Toronto.

• Mary (1847-?)

• Frederick (Alfred) (1847 - November 15, 1919) He is living in the community of Humber Bay, Etobicoke Township, York County in the 1901 and 1911 census.  Frederick was a teamster working at a "wood yard" with an annual salary in 1910 of $400.  His sisters Elizabeth and Charlotte are also living with him though there was no occupation listed for either.  In 1901 they appear to have had another family living with them in the house (Presley family) but in 1911 it was just the three of them on Macdonald Street.  The property was across the street from the Humber Golf Course.  The house was demolished during the construction of the Humber Sewage Treatment Plant in the late 1950s.  In about 1913 Frederick appears to have moved to 229 Sorauren Avenue, Toronto as he appears for the first time at this address in the 1914 Toronto City directory.  Frederick moved to 131 Lisgar by 1916 as he appears here for the first time in the 1917 Toronto City directory.  He would be joined by his sisters Cecelia, Elizabeth, and Helen.  Frederick (named Alfred on his death registration) died on November 15, 1919 of stomach cancer at 131 Lisgar, Toronto.  His name is spelt "Bellemere" on the death registration.  He is buried at Mount Hope Cemetery, Toronto.

Humber Bay

131 Lisgar Street, Toronto
1910 Goad's Fire Insurance Plan of the City of Toronto, Plate 21

• Ellen (Helen) (1849 - Sept 12, 1934)  In the 1901 census she is listed as dressmaker and living in a boarding house with her sister Cecilia in Toronto - the head of the household is a 70 year old Ann O'Flynn.  In the 1913 Toronto City directory she is renting rooms at 38 Tecumseth Street, Toronto with her sister Cecilia.  Ellen died in Toronto Western Hospital on September 12, 1934 after she was struck by a truck in front of 1050 Queen Street West.  The accident resulted in a fractured skull and ribs.  She was 65 years of age.  Her death registration spells her last name "Bellemere".  It noted that she was a retired dressmaker and was living at 131 Lisgar Avenue, Toronto at the time of her death.

• Charlotte (1854-?)  She was living with her brother Frederick in Humber Bay according to 1901 and 1911 census.