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Mary Coady 1863-1929

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This is a photo of my great grandmother Mary Coady, daughter of Patrick Coady and Johanna Dineen, as a younger women. Probably taken about 1880 before she married Edward Sandford Jr.

Family of Edward Sandford Jr. and Mary Coady

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This is a photo of my great grandparents and their children. In the back row is Madeline, Frederick, Helen (my grandmother), and Evelyn. In the front row is Norman, Mary Coady, Edward Sandford and Mary Elizabeth. This photo is probably taken about 1910.

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Coady Family of Ireland and Toronto

Michael COADY m. Mary CAIN in Ireland circa 1830 and had the following children:
• Thomas (c 1831-1872) m. Mary DINEEN
• Patrick (c 1832-1872) m. Johanna DINEEN
• Ellen (c 1838- by 1863) m. John MULQUEEN
• Michael (c 1839-1909) m. Bridget MCCARTHY

According to Michael Coady Jr's response on the 1901 census the Coadys emigrated to Canada in 1842.  Did Michael Coady and Mary Cain come with their children or did the children come alone? There is a Michael CODY in the burial register for St. Michael's Cemetery who died on June 12, 1859, aged 50 yrs. b. Ireland, and is buried in plot 27 north of St. Charles St. Could this be him?

Coady Residences on 1856 Boulton Fire Insurance Plan for Toronto

The first verified appearance of them is in the 1861 census. Here Thomas, aged 28; Patrick, aged 26 and Michael, aged 22 are living in the house of John MALQUIN (MULQUEEN), married to Ellen COADY their sister, at 183 Seaton Street.

Thomas Coady and Mary Dineen

Thomas COADY (1831-1872) s/o Michael COADY and Mary CAIN married Mary DINEEN d/o Michael DINEEN and H. MADDEN, on February 3, 1863 at St. Michael's Cathedral, Toronto. Witnesses were Mick (Michael) Cody, his brother (?) and M. Murphy. The record mentions that Mary was from Limerick Co, Ireland. Mary sister Johanna married Thomas' brother Patrick in 1862. In the 1862 Toronto City Directory they are listed as living at 85 Beech Street (now part of present day Dundas Street East) on the south side a bit east of Parliament Street. Thomas is listed as a labourer. In the alphabetical part of the directory Mrs. Coady is listed as living at the same address which also indicates that there was a dairy in this location. In the 1871 city directory "Mrs Mary Coady" "dairy" is listed as living on Regent Street . In the 1871 census Thomas is listed as an inmate of the asylum and as being of "unsound mind".

They had the following children:

• Mary b. 1864

• Ellen b. 1867 m. Michael MEADE s/o William MEADE and Margaret O'BRIEN on June 21, 1892 in Toronto. Witnesses were Patrick MULQUEEN and Norah CAVANAGH both of Toronto. In the 1901 Census Michael indicated that he emigrated to Canada from Ireland in 1875 and was working as a teamster with a salary of $450 a year. Ellen's occupation was listed as dairy keeper with a salary of $50 per year. In the 1911 Census they were living at 78 River Street with the following children: William b. April 18, 1890; Alma b. July 18, 1892; Margaret b. February 13, 1898 and Harold b. February 10, 1901. Michael lists his occupation as cartage agent there are no salary figures however. He indicates that he emigrated to Canada from Ireland in 1874. Ellen is listed as Nellie. Their daughter Margaret MEADE, stenographer married Frank SULLIVAN, 33, drug clerk, Sullivan Corners - near Toronto, Toronto, s/o Michael SULLIVAN and Ellen FITZGERALD, on September 9, 1925, witness: William FITZGERALD of Clarkson and Rose COLLINS of Niagara Falls NY.

Records at the Archives of Ontario indicate that Thomas was admitted into the Queen Street Mental Asylum on October 20, 1863. The form was signed by three doctors - WB Hampton, Charles Gardue and John King and certified by the mayor of Toronto John George Bowes. Thomas was admitted as a "Free Patient" as the family did not have "the means of supporting" him "in the Provincial Lunatic Asylum". At the time of his admission he was 27 years old and living on North Park Street. His condition was listed as "Acute Mania" and he was listed as "Dangerous", though his "habit of life" was described as "temperate". The duration of the attack in 1863 was "ten days". He would remain in the Asylum for 8 years, 3 months and 13 days until his death from consumption on February 2, 1872. He was buried in St. Michael’s Cemetery. Mary never remarried. In the 1881 census she is living with her daughter Mary and another widow, Honora BOYLE next door to Johanna. Honora BOYLE is listed as Mary's mother which must mean she is the widow of Michael DINEEN originally Honora MADDEN (she was in Toronto by 1853 according to the Assessment Rolls - in that year she was living on the south side of Queen Street West in St. Andrew's Ward in a house she rented from John Kitson). Honora married Patrick Boyle.  They are together in the 1861 census with Johanna Dineen.  There does not appear to be a marriage in Ontario which could mean that Patrick married Honora in Newport, County Mayo where he was from.  Honora BOYLE nee DINEEN (MADDEN) died on May 28, 1895 aged 88 and was buried in St. Michael's Cemetery Toronto.    In 1901 Mary was living with her daughter Ellen and her husband Michael MEADE but in the 1911 census Mary appears to be living by herself as a lodger in the home of Michael DONONEY at 290 Wilton Avenue, just down the street from her sister Johanna.

Patrick Coady and Johanna Dineen

• Patrick COADY (1832-1872) s/o Michael COADY and Mary CAIN, married Johanna DINEEN d/o Michael DINEEN and Honora MADDEN on April 29, 1862 at St. Paul's Roman Catholic Church, Toronto. Witnesses were Thomas COADY, Patrick's brother and Bridget Monroe. In the 1862 Toronto City Directory they are listed as living at 97 Beech Street (now part of present day Dundas Street East) on the south side just west of Regent Street. Patrick is listed as a labourer. In the 1870 city directory they are living at the same address and Patrick is listed as both a labourer and milkman. In the 1871 census Patrick is listed as a dairy man. It indicates that both he and his wife could read and write. They had the following children:

• Mary b. 1863 m. Edward SANDFORD on June 8, 1887, Toronto
• Michael b. 1864
• John b. 1867
• Thomas b. 1869

Patrick died on May 8, 1872 and was buried in St. Michael’s Cemetery. At the time he was living at 78 Beech Street (this is now part of Dundas Street East). Johanna never remarried. The 1874 city directory lists Mrs. Johanna Coady, "wid. P" as living at 101 Beech Street. I don't think that they had moved location I just think that the address changed as development continued to occur on Beech Street. In the 1881 census she is living with her children. Michael aged 17 lists his occupation as painter. The 1890 Assessment Roll for the City of Toronto indicates that Johanna owned the property at 265 Wilton. The lot was 35 feet wide and 100 feet deep and was valued at $1,050. The wooden buildings were valued at an additional $200 giving a total assessment of $1250. In the 1901 census Johanna is living with her son Thomas. She indicates that she emigrated to Canada from Ireland in 1846. Thomas lists his occupation as a brass moulder with an annual salary of $500. He was working at J and J Taylor's Toronto Safe Works, established in 1855 and located at 145-147 Front Street East.

Toronto Safe Works, 1908

The city directory for this year lists them as living at the rear of 265 Wilton (later to become Dundas Street East). They must have been renting the rest of the dwelling out to earn income. I am not sure what happened to her sons Michael and John.

Wilton Avenue in 1903
courtesy of the City of Toronto Archives

267 Wilton Avenue next door to the Coady Residence at 265.  The wooden clapboard Coady residence probably looked similar to this house.  This photo was taken in 1915.
courtesy City of Toronto Archives

Houses on the north side of Wilton Avenue across the street from the Coady Residence at 265 Wilton Avenue, 1912.  The wooden clapboard Coady Residence probably looked very similiar to these houses.
courtesy of the City of Toronto Archives

In the 1911 census she and her son Thomas are still living at rear 265 Wilton Avenue. Thomas is still working as a brass moulder with an annual salary of $686. Johanna fell and broke her hip in early 1926 and died at St. Joseph's Hospital on April 29, 1926 (her wedding anniversary) from pneumonia and was buried in St. Michael's Cemetery with her husband. At the time her residence was listed as 487 Dundas Street East. The house is long gone. The site is currently occupied by a fire station. Thomas Coady went to live with his sister Mary Coady (Sandford) sometime later in New Toronto. Eventually the family had to place him in the House of Providence due to his deteriorating health.

Ellen Coady and John Mulqueen

• Ellen (Mary Ellen) Coady (c 1838-?), aged 22 d/o Michael COADY and Mary CAIN was married to John MULGOUIRE (MULQUEEN) 29, b. Ireland, of Toronto s/o Matthew MULGUIRE (MULQUEEN) [his death registration indicates that his father's name was Patrick] and Ellen MCCARTHY at St. Paul's Roman Catholic Church on February 16, 1860. Witnesses: Annie KELLY and Michael CODY, both of Toronto.

Her brothers Thomas, Patrick and Michael Coady are living with her and her husand in 1861 at 183 Seaton Street. John is listed as a boot maker. They have a daughter Ellen born circa 1859. There was also a son Matthew born in 1861. Ellen COADY must have died by 1863 as John was remarried to Mary COLLINS (she appears to have been a widow too - her maiden name was ROACH) on September 8, 1863 at St. Michael's Cathedral. Witnesses were P MULQUIN (John's brother) and M. MULCAHY. By 1874 John and his new wife are living at 305 Seaton Street. This is two blocks east of Allan Gardens. In the 1881 census it is just John and Mary together - no children living with them. John is listed as a shoemaker. According to her death registration Mary Collins died on June 23, 1888 of chronic Bright's (kidney disease).  In the 1891 census John is listed as a widower confirming Mary's death in 1888. His daughter Ellen is living with him. The 1890 Toronto Assessment Roll indicates that John MULQUEEN owned the property at 305 Seaton Street. The property was 26 feet wide and 96 feet deep and valued at $1500, of which the value of the buildings was $200 and the value of the property was $1300. In the 1901 census John has his daughter Ellen and a niece (Ellen's niece actually) Mary A. MULQUEEN living with him. Both Ellen and Mary are listed as being "Hair Dressers". John lists his year of emigration from Ireland to Canada as 1849. In the 1911 census John, aged 83 is living at 305 Seaton Street with his daughter Nellie (Ellen?), age 51. His occupation is listed as shoemaker. He indicates that he emigrated to Canada in 1855. There is a photo of a John Mulqueen, aged 97 years in the The Story of St. Paul's Parish, Toronto. Commemorating the Centenary of the First Parish Church, in the Archdiocese of Toronto, compiled and edited by Edward Kelly and published in 1922. It indicates that he is the oldest participant at the centenary celebrations of St. Paul's Roman Catholic Church and has attended St. Paul's Church for 72 years. Is this the husband of Ellen COADY? It could well be. John MULQUEEN is still listed in the 1922 Toronto City Directory along with his daughter Ellen working as a "tlrs" (a tailor?) at the Scotland Woollen Mills Co. Ltd. The factory was located at 50 Richmond Street East. The retail locations were located at 66 Danforth Avenue and 1222 St. Clair Avenue West. I am not sure where Ellen worked. In addition there is a Patrick J. MULQUEEN, Commissioner, Ontario Athletic Commission at 28 Nanton Avenue. Could this be John's nephew? They are the only Mulqueens listed in the directory. According to Patrick J (PJ) MULQUEEN's obituary in the Globe and Mail on December 23, 1946 he was the son of Patrick MULQUEEN and Ellen O'BRIEN and was born on June 2, 1867. I think his father, Patrick MULQUEEN was the witness at John MULQUEEN's wedding to his second wife in 1863. John MULQUEEN died on April 3, 1924 and is buried at St. Michael's Cemetery. His obituary in the Toronto Star listed his age as 96 years.  His death registration indicates that his father was Patrick Mulqueen not Matthew as per his marriage entry. 

John MULQUEEN and Ellen COADY had the following children:

• Ellen/Nellie (c 1859-?) Appears to have never married as she was living with her father until his death in 1924 at 305 Seaton Street.  She must have left the house to her brother Matthew as he and his daughter and her husband were living there in 1934.

• Matthew (c 1861-1934) m. Ellen SULLIVAN d/o Patrick and Ellen on May 29, 1880. Witness were Frank SMITH and Lilie MURPHY both of Toronto. The had the following children:
o Ellen (April 1, 1881-?)  According to her birth registration they were living at 7 Drummond Place. Matthew's occupation is listed as shoe maker. In the 1901 census she is living with her grandfather John Mulqueen and aunt Ellen Mulqueen at 305 Seaton Street.  Ellen married Charles Henry HORNE, 27, plumber, Toronto, Toronto, s/o Charles HORNE and Elizabeth TAYLOR, on July 5, 1904. Witnesses: Henry R. DAWSON and Annie HOWARD, both of Toronto. She was living at 305 Seaton Street in 1934 when her father Matthew died. According to Matthew's death registration he died at St. Michael's Hospital of pulmonary tuberculosis on January 26, 1934. He was 72 years, 11 months and 9 days of age. The informant was his daughter, Mrs. Ellen Horne of 305 Seaton Street. He is buried at Mount Hope Roman Catholic Cemetery, Toronto.
oAnnie (October 26, 1882 -?)  According to the birth registration the family was living at 289 Queen Street East at the time.  Annie was registered at the same time as Agnes in May 1885.
oMary Agnes (1884-?)  According to the birth registration the family was living at 289 Queen Street East at the time.

Michael Coady and Bridget McCarthy

• Michael (c 1839 - October 1, 1909) m. Bridget McCarthy d/o C. McCarthy and Ellen O'Connon (O'Connor?) on October 15, 1861 at St. Paul's Roman Catholic Church, Toronto

Sometime after their marriage they moved to Quebec.  They are found there in the 1871 census living in the town of Trois-Pistoles on the Gaspe peninsula down river from Quebec City.  Their daughters Bridget, Rose and Ann were born in Quebec.  Their daughter Margaret was born in the US in 1873.  In the 1911 census both Margaret and her mother indicated that they emigrated to Canada in 1877 from the US.  By 1881 they had moved to Thorold, Welland County, Ontario where Michael worked as a stone cutter.  I think he moved there from Toronto to work on the third Welland Canal.  The government started construction on the new canal in 1870 and it opened in 1887.  Twenty-five stone locks were required to manage the 326 foot drop from the Niagara Escarpment to the level of Lake Ontario.  In the 1881 census Michael is listed with his wife Bridget, age 45 and the following children:  Ellen, age 18; Bridget, age 13; Rose, age 11; Annie, age 10; Margaret, age 6 and, John M. age 5.   He was still in Thorold in 1891 with the same children.  John Michael Coady their son died on May 3, 1891.    Michael appears in the 1897 Thorold Voting List in St. David's Ward listed as a Locktender.  In the 1901 census Michael listed his occupation as "Lock Tender" for 8 months for a salary of $360.  He indicated that he emigrated to Canada in 1842.  His wife Bridget emigrated in 1843.   Their daughters Annie and Margaret are living at home, and a niece last name Collins, age 8 is also present.  According to his death registration Michael died in Thorold, Welland County, Ontario on October 1, 1909 aged 68 years. His parents were listed as Michael Coady and Mary Cane confirming that this is the right Michael Coady.  In the 1911 census Bridget Coady is living in Thorold with her daughter Margaret, age 37, Annie O'Donald, age 41; and grand-daughters Mary F. Collins, age 17 and Rosa R. Collins, age 3.  There is a death registration for a "Mary Bridget Cody" who died in St. Catharines on February 6, 1923, aged 86 years and 4 months of age.  This appears to be Michael Coady's wife.  She was buried in Thorold on February 8, 1923.  

They had the following children:
• Ellen m. Alfred Corcoran in 1884
• Mary Bridget. b. 1868 d. 1947 - never married
• Rose m. Francis Collins in 1893
• Annie
• Margaret b. 1873 d. 1956 - never married
• John Michael d. 1891

I found the marriage of their daughter Ellen (Nellie) in 1884 - Alfred CORCORAN, 24, paper maker, Merritton, s/o John and Bridget, married Nellie CODY, 21, Ireland, Thorold, d/o Michael CODY and Bridget McCARTHY, witnesses: George and Kate GALLINGER of Merritton, 27 July 1884 at Thorold (Rom Cath) - Alfred also seems to have registered his marriage under the last name "Crawford" as well from the same marriage at the same church??  Merritton was an industrial community that harnessed the water power of the Second Welland Canal that flowed through the town.  It was just north west of Thorold.

I found the marriage of their daughter Rose in 1893 - Francis COLLINS, 25, teamster, Thorold, same, s/o John COLLINS and  Bridget KILRANE, married Roase COADY, 24, b. Quebec, Thorold, d/o Michael COLLINS and Bridget MCCARTHY, witn: Anthony GELESPIE (Gillespie?) of Merritton and Maggie (Margaret) COADY of Thorold, 6 June 1893 at Thorold.

Most of the family is buried at the Old Lakeview Municipal Cemetery, Thorold in Section D - Lot 87, Graves 1, 2, 3, 5 and 6.

Michael Coady - Age 68 died October 3, 1909
John Coady - died April 30, 1891
Bridget M. Coady - Age 86 died February 6, 1923
Mary B Coady- Age 79 died February 3, 1947
Margaret Coady - Age 80 died January 20, 1956

Four Generation Photo

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This is a four generation photo. On the left is Mary COADY holding her grand daughter Catherine SANDFORD, daughter of Norman SANDFORD. Next to her is her mother Johanna DINEEN and on the right is Norman SANDFORD son of Edward SANDFORD and Mary COADY. This photo was taken circa 1922 on the Sandford property in Etobicoke. Given the way that everyone is dressed it looks like it might have been on the day of Catherine SANDFORD's baptism.

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Johanna Dineen c1843-1926

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This is a photo of my great great grandmother Johanna DINEEN who married Patrick COADY on April 29, 1862. Her daughter Mary married my great grandfather Edward SANDFORD. Johanna fell and broke her hip and while at St. Joseph's Hospital died of pneumonia on April 29, 1926. She is buried in the Dineen family plot in St. Michael's Cemetery, Toronto.