Thursday, April 16, 2009

Sandford Family Reunion, 1908

© Michael Harrison 2009

This is a photo of the Sandford Family reunion which took place in 1908 on Edward Sandford's farm in Etobicoke Township. The farm was located west of present day Browns' Line and north of present day Horner Avenue.

Back Row - Helena Sandford Rush, Edward Leo Sandford, Hannah Sandford Kirkham, May Sandford, Helen Teresa Sandford (my grandmother), Norman Sandford, Mary Sandford Wright (in front of Norman), Nellie McDonough, Loretta McDonough?, James Frederick Sandford

Middle Row - Mary Kelly Sanford - holding baby Mary Sandford Hennessey, Martin John Sanford, Martin William Sanford (brother of Edward Sandford Sr. my great great grandfather), Sarah Jan Johnson (Martin's wife), Edward Sandford Sr. (my great great grandfather), Edward Sandford Jr, and Mary Coady (my great grandparents), Evelyn Sandford to her left

Front Row - Teresa McCulley Sanford, baby - Sylvester Edward Sanford, Thomas Edward Sanford, William Sandford, Catherine O'Connor Sandford, child in front of her - Rosalene Sandford McLaughlin, Madeline Gertrude Sandford, Anna Sandford Birnie

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